Boiler Replacement Tax Credit - Free Boiler Grants

If you currently receive Working boiler replacement tax credit or other qualifying benefits then you will be in line for a Free Boiler Grant which might facilitate your replacing your old inefficient and expensive boiler. The ECO scheme assists householders who receive Working Tax Credits, and it is replacement Universal Credit, to supply funding for a replacement boiler within the home.

Homeowners and personal tenants may be eligible for funding under the Government-backed scheme which provides boiler funding for those in receipt of 1 of the qualifying benefits, including Working boiler replacement tax credit. If this is applicable to you or someone who permanently resides in your household you will receive help to induce a novel boiler which is able to help reduce your energy bills significantly

How does the Free Boiler scheme work?

The ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers including British Gas, EDF Energy, Eon, N power, Scottish Power and SSE, all provide funding as a part of the Government’s ECO Scheme and commitment to reducing carbon emissions. Under the scheme, households in receipt of a minimum of one in all the qualifying benefits who have an old boiler quote 7 years old could receive a grant towards a replacement energy efficient boiler.

If you meet the subsequent conditions then you'll qualify for a Free Boiler Grant

●        Receive Working boiler replacement tax credit or other benefits.

●        Homeowner or private tenant within the UK.

●        Your boiler is 7+ years old.

Boiler Replacement Tax Credit

If you already receive a Working boiler replacement tax credit or other qualifying benefits, you might be eligible for a Free Boiler Grant to help you replace your outdated, unreliable, and costly boiler. The ECO scheme helps people who earn Working Tax Credits, which is a substitute for Universal Credit, to get money for a new boiler for their home.

How do I know if Working Tax Credits is the benefit I receive?

In all likelihood you're unlikely to still be receiving Working decrease as this has been replaced by Universal Credit for many people. Only those that get or were entitled to the severe disability premium can make a claim for Working reduction. If you are undecided of the advantages that you simply receive then check your benefit paperwork for the regular payments that you just receive.

For most people, who would previously have made a claim for Working step-down, they are going to now claim under Universal Credit or Pension Credit if they are state pension age or over. Both these benefits are among people who cause you to likely be eligible for a boiler grant

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